Multi-Space™ Lightweight Concrete Wall Panel is formed by 2 surface boards filled with the mixture of EPS (Expended Polystyrene) and cement. Its surface board is made by a special form of white cement and fiber glass, which is heat resistant, waterproof and has optimal features against hit and impact, and has high intensity..

The surface boards of Multi-Space with the thickness of 4mm (which substituting the plastering of brick-laying wall), undertaking shock and impact from outside, hence strengthen the panel itself, and with its 3-in-1 composition, it prevents the panel from distortion.

The use of EPS in the fillings of Multi-Space reduces the weight of panel, makes it heat and sound insulation, water proof and has longer durability. Its characteristic also keeps the panel from decompose, moldy and insects. The EPS combines with cement and evenly distributed inside the fillings of Multi-Space, then form the shape of alveolus, which spreads out the pressures, giving it forces against hit and impact, and make it easy to withstand the weight of nails